I bought Some Crema Marfil Marble Tiles – What Grade Are They In?

I went online and bought some marble tiles, named Crema Marfil. When I received the tiles, I noticed pretty big difference between the tiles I received and the images that the supplier provided. Actually the ones I received look better than I thought. So I called them, they sent me the following text to explain the difference. I guess I got a free upgrade 🙂

When you buy marble tiles, you may want to look into the quality grade classification. There are huge prices differences between different grade of marble tiles. Let me use Spanish Crema Marfil marble tiles as an example. There are three grades of Crema Marfil marble tiles commonly classified based on purity, veining pattern and color consistency. Those three grades of Crema Marfil marble tiles are: select grade, commercial grade and classic grade.

The Classic grade Crema Marfil marble tile is what most distributors are selling and is the lowest grade tile.  It is basically all the tile that comes from the quarry that is not good enough to carry a select or commercial grade.  At times there are so many imperfections that the tile can lose it’s overall beauty in appearance.

The Select grade can be quite expensive and even be cost prohibitive.  It’s textures could also be too simple to distinguish from artificial cast stones.  It is similar to select lumber in that it can reach a point when it is so clear that it can have no character.

The commercial grade still has the beauty but has just enough of the natural character left in each tile. The cost of commercial grade Crema Marfil marble is not much more than the classic grade but still shows the great beauty of the natural stone.

For more information on Crema Marfil marble, please visit a great website through the following link:

Crema Marfil Marble


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